Local School's Make Nation's Biggest Improvement

Results in tests for 14 year olds improve by 10 percentage points

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Schools in Hammersmith

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Hammersmith & Fulham secondary school students have achieved results in their national tests for 14 year-olds that are the most improved in the country.

Results in the tests taken by 14 year-olds last year rose by ten percentage points in English and maths and by seven percentage points in science. This means that in 2004-5 Hammersmith & Fulham secondary schools were the most improved in England.

The percentage of pupils achieving the required level five or above in the tests was also equal to the national average – 74 per cent in English and maths and 70 per cent in science.

The biggest improvements were at Henry Compton, Fulham Cross and Hurlingham & Chelsea schools. At Henry Compton English results rose from 54 to 64 per cent; maths from 61 to 73 and and science from 50 to 69 per cent – a rise of almost 20 percentage points.

Dinesh Ramjee, headteacher of Henry Compton School, said: “These results are the culmination of sustained effort by the teachers to ensure students achieve their full potential. We also run after-school and holiday booster classes to help particular groups of students to raise their achievement in key subjects. For example year nine students will be coming in for a day over the Easter holidays for three one-and-a-half-hour sessions in English, maths and science.”

The school has become a science specialist college - enabling improvements to the curriculum and facilities at Henry Compton, which will be shared with other schools and the community.

Mr Ramjee said: “Our new specialist status will help us to continue to raise standards, develop the science curriculum in a more imaginative way and back it up with much-needed resources.”

Janet Lewis, the council’s deputy director of education, said: “These fantastic results represent a lot of hard work by teachers and students, who should be proud of their achievements. The test results are important because they will have a direct impact on the GCSE results these students achieve in two years’ time. Our secondary schools are rapidly improving and achieved their best-ever GCSE results last summer, which were the most improved in London. We have recruited some excellent new headteachers to provide better leadership and management and the council is supporting schools to improve teaching and learning in core subjects. Our advisers work with teachers to improve lesson planning and use of classroom resources in line with national government strategies.”

April 3, 2006