Top of the Grots

Council announces blitz on borough's 'grot spots'

Nine Grot Spots Targeted
  • Beaumont Crescent, opposite West Kensington Mansions
  • Corner of Mund Stand North End Road
  • West Kensington estate, next to doctors’ surgery
  • Lillie Road, next to Normand Croft School
  • Perham Road
  • Talgarth Road
  • Barons Court roundabout
  • Corner of Normand Road and Bramber Road
  • Lillie Road

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Grot spots across the borough have been earmarked for regular intensive cleaning in a concerted campaign to rid local streets of unsightly mess.

Local residents are being invited to pinpoint any grot spots they would like added to the council’s hit list.

Launching the campaign, Cllr Paul Bristow, Hammersmith and Fulham's Council Cabinet Member for Residents’ Services, said: “Across the borough there are nasty niches where people persistently dump rubbish. As soon as dumps become established, they attract more rubbish and it is vital we target these spots aggressively.”

Cllr Bristow added, “This is not just a one-off clear up. We will be patrolling these sites on a daily basis and residents will notice a marked improvement in their local streets. Residents are telling us that in general they think local streets are getting cleaner, but these persistent grot spots are undermining good work elsewhere. Many of them are not on public land.”

Each ward in turn will benefit from a blitz of long-standing or persistent problems over the coming months, followed by regular cleaning of the most unpleasant grot spots, in addition to the regular rubbish and street cleaning rotas.

The crackdown has already started in North End, with the clean-up crews earmarking almost 100 separate grot spots.

On top of rubbish removals, graffiti has been removed in 17 places; abandoned bikes or locks have been removed from eight locations; five damaged utility boxes have been secured and reported to the companies who own them; one abandoned car has been removed; 25 flytips have been cleared,19 damaged or old street signs are being fixed, and redundant cones and bollards have been removed across the ward.

The work has also highlighted different types of grot spots, with both persistent and one-off problems addressed and nine major grot spots in the area have been identified for regular attention.

Alternative remedies are also being sought to long-standing problems, including legal measures, covert surveillance, improved signage, sustainable improvements and harnessing the joint enforcement powers of the council, police and safer neighbourhood teams.

To report graffiti, fly-tipping, abandoned cars etc. phone the council hotline on 020 8753 1100.

October 12, 2007