Wizzy New Development for Hammersmith

Residents to be given G-Wiz Cars when they buy new flats

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People moving into a new block of flats in Hammersmith could be given their very own G-Wiz electric car and indoor parking slot, as part of a new environmentally-friendly design.


A planning application submitted to Hammersmith and Fulham Council last week proposes demolishing the two storey garage on Carthew Road in Hammersmith and replacing it with four self-contained one-bedroom flats.


The building is part of the Bradmore conservation area, but planners say the car maintenance garage does not sit comfortably with the residential nature of the street.


The garage, which is structurally unsafe, has been empty for more than a year.


A previous scheme for the area, which involved building live\work apartments was contested by neighbours, who were concerned about noise and traffic from local businesses.


A new consultation, carried out with brochures, letters and emails, allowed residents to express their concerns about the new development.


Residents were concerned about parking, but future residents of the new flats would not be allowed permits for on-street parking in Carthew Road.


Off street parking will be provided by the developer for G-Wiz electric cars, and the developer will provide a G-Wiz car for every flat sold.


April 11, 2008