Council Tax Written Off

Residents get away without paying £1.6million council tax

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Hammersmith and Fulham Council wrote off £1.6million in in unpaid council tax last year, according to figures released in response to a parliamentary question.


In total, £50million worth of council tax was written off across London.

The worst performing borough was Haringey which missed out on almost £6.4 million in 2006/7.

Seven other boroughs wrote off £2 million or more in the same period - Brent, Hackney, Islington, Lewisham, Redbridge, Waltham Forest and Westminster.

This missing cash could otherwise have been spent on projects like improving parks and open space, better rubbish collections and investment in leisure facilities.

The authorities which collected most of their council tax were the City of London - which has a very small residential population - followed by Richmond and Ealing.

Councils write off council tax debts if they are deemed to be irrecoverable - for example of the person who owes the money has died, gone abroad or is not traceable. They can also sign them off if somebody goes bankrupt, or if they are sent to prison.

The figures were revealed in an answer to Southend MP David Amness


April 11, 2008