Council Says Poll Shows Approval of King's Street Plans

400 residents polled, lobby groups disagree

The Council’s sample poll of 400 people after viewing computer generated images (CGIs) showing new shops, restaurants, homes and offices to be built around a new public square – which are designed to replace the council’s 1960s town hall extension, showed broad agreement with, H&F Council said in a statement.

The statement said, 81 per cent of of these 400 respondents, at a three day exhibition in June, agreed that the overall scheme would ‘have a positive impact on Hammersmith town centre’. eight per cent of respondents disagreed and eleven per cent neither agreed nor disagreed.

The CGIs show people wandering from the public square, which the council hopes will create a new 'civic heart' in Hammersmith, down the side of the Grade II listed town hall and across a new pedestrian bridge over the A4 Talgarth Road.

The Council acknowledges key lobby groups have not held the same view. The Hammersmith Historic Buildings Group has expressed concern over the new bridge and some critics have questioned the height of the 14 storey residential building, which would be about as tall as the Premier Inn further along King’s Street.
July 19, 2010

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