Burnthwaite Road is "an accident waiting to happen"

Residents up in arms over state of road surface.

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Residents of Burnthwaite Road, in Fulham, are locked in battle over the state of their road surface. The surface has subsided in several places, causing ‘mini lakes’ to form after rainfall and residents are demanding the council give the road urgent attention.

The argument erupted after water and gas companies dug up sections of the road to make repairs, but found that the road was in such a poor state it would be impossible to return it to the condition they found it in.

Burnthwaite Road resident, Anne Lindley, has said: “The road is an accident waiting to happen and is particularly hazardous for cyclists trying to navigate the potholes.

“The road has not been resurfaced for many years – which put simply is utter neglect on the part of the Council.”

Councillor Greg Hands is backing residents of Burnthwaite Road in his ward. He has asked the Council to resurface the road urgently. The council, however, told him that the utility companies Labour are to blame. Hands says that they have even bothered to inspect the road.

Greg Hands has added: “It is utterly irresponsible of the Council to try and shirk the blame onto the gas and water companies. The truth is that the road was already in a shocking and dangerous state when they found it.

“For the tax they charge, it is time Labour started delivering for residents of Burnthwaite Road.”

September 19, 2004