Award for community projects

Up to £5,000 to those who have tackled anti-social behaviour.

Individuals, local groups or projects that has tried to do something about noisy neighbours, vandalism, graffiti, litter or any other typical community problem have the chance to win up to £5,000.

The Taking a Stand Awards aims to recognise those who have tackled anti-social behaviour in their area. Up to 30 awards of £1,000, plus the top award of £5,000 are waiting to be won and spent for the benefit of local communities.

Anyone who has made a real difference to the community can apply. For example:
· an individual who has inspired residents to tackle problems in their area
· a project that has set up a youth club to make sure young people have somewhere to go and something to do
· a group of residents that have established a litter or graffiti clean-up scheme
· a neighbourhood initiative focused on reducing noise problems
· a project that is providing extra security for senior citizens

The most commun neighbour problems are: noisy neighbours, vandalism, graffiti, abandoned vehicles, harassment and intimidation, youth nuisance, dumping rubbish or litter, damage to property and kerb-crawling.

Applications must be sent by 13 September 2003. An independent panel chaired by the Home Office will judge entries. The winners will be announced at an awards ceremony in London later this year to which the nominator and representative of the winning initiatives will be invited.

For more information and application form: Taking a Stand Awards Web site

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