Cyclist Killed on Queen Caroline Street

Woman hit by lorry in Hammersmith

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A woman in her twenties has been the victim of a fatal collision in Hammersmith today (28th April).

The incident occurred this morning at around 8.20am. Police and ambulances services were called to the scene but the woman was already dead when they arrived. She had been hit by a waste services lorry.

The road has been closed for most of the day leading to traffic problems in the area.

The victim has not been named and next of kin have not yet been informed.

hammersmith crash scene

Note blue sign indicating the route is approved for cyclists

hammersmith cyclist fatality truck

The truck involved in the collision

Pictures from @alien8

A police spokesman said, "We were called at 8.24am to a fatal collision between a cyclist and a lorry. Investigations into the cause of the accident are continuing."


April 28, 2011