Local Constables Honoured at Scotland Yard

Graham Rice and Stephen Cox presented with Royal Humane Society Award

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Two Hammersmith Constables were amongst Met staff honoured in a special ceremony at New Scotland Yard this week.

A total of fifteen staff were presented with awards for their extraordinary work in service of the people of London.

Commissioner Sir Ian Blair presented seven Commissioner's Commendations to officers - the second highest honour bestowed on a Met officer. Seven further officers and a PCSO received certificates from the Royal Humane Society for resuscitating members of the public and saving their lives.

Police Constables Graham Rice and Stephen Cox were presented with the Royal Humane Society Award.

On 14 September 2004 a male member of the public was passing Hammersmith Police Station on his way to visit his G.P. when he experienced some discomfort resulting in him collapsing in the street. A member of public went into the police station and reported the incident to the Station Reception Officer and an officer was deployed.

Four officers from the South West Traffic Tasking Team, who were temporarily working on the borough, saw the incident as they were going into the police station and went to assist. A crowd had gathered but no one had intervened or offered assistance and the young officer deployed was overwhelmed by the situation.

Police Constables Rice and Cox examined the man and noticed that he had injured his face during the fall. They established that he was not breathing and had no pulse. Constable Cox opened the man's airway and commenced mouth-to-mouth resuscitation whilst Constable Rice began chest compressions.

The officers continued the resuscitation until an ambulance crew arrived on scene. Constable Rice briefed the paramedics who requested that the officers continue resuscitating the man whilst they prepared their equipment. A paramedic monitored the man and carried out the defibulation procedure, which restored his signs of life.

The man was transferred to Charing Cross Hospital and admitted to the intensive care unit. He has since been discharged and made a good recovery.

Police Constables Graham Rice and Stephen Cox have been awarded Resuscitation Certificates by the Royal Humane Society for successfully resuscitating a man who had collapsed in the street following a heart attack.



September 21, 2006