Man Urinated on at Talgarth Road Bus Stop

Told he was attacked "Cos I don't like white people"

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Police are appealing for information following a racially aggravated assault on a man on the Talgarth Road. The incident took place on 29th October at 6.20am. A 27 year old man had been out partying and on his way home fell asleep at a bus stop on the north side of the road near Gliddon Road.

He told police that he woke up and found an Asian youth in company with three other Asian males urinating on him. He asked him why he was doing this to which the reply was "Cos I don't like white people".

The victim then feared for his safety and decided to walk off, at this point he was punched in the face by one of the other suspects. He then saw that a 74 bus was nearing the bus stop and returned to get on it at which point he could see the suspects walking westbound along Talgarth Rd towards Gliddon Rd.

When victim boarded the bus he was unaware as to the extent of injuries he had sustained but was informed by another passenger who suggested he go to hospital. The victim then attended University College Hospital where his injuries were treated resulting in him having 20 stitches to a cut lip.

The suspects are all described as being about 16 years old and wearing dark clothing with hooded tops.

Any witnesses or person with relevant information should contact TDC Chrystal at Hammersmith CID or the Crime Management Unit at Fulham Police Station on 020 8246 2814

November 6, 2006