Hammersmith Broadway CCTV Hot Spot

Over 30 surveillance cameras monitoring one block

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A newspaper report has revealed that Hammersmith Broadway has no fewer than thirty CCTV cameras monitoring it.

The Evening Standard has published a map showing how the surveillance devices ring the shopping centre. Eight of them are controlled by TfL with the Council owning another 5. Only two of them are under police control. Seven of the devices are on the Walt Disney building and two are on the adjacent Coca Cola building. The placement of the devices means that you are almost certainly covered by a camera at any point around the perimeter of the shopping centre.

The article quotes a spokesperson for Liberty saying that the number of cameras in the area was 'excessive' but a spokesman for the Met said that the cameras in the area were useful because so many people pass through the shops and drinking areas and it is one of the busiest bus hubs in the capital.

TfL justify their coverage by saying that the Broadway is one of the busiest roads in the capital.

November 7, 2006