Cyclist badly bitten as he tries to stop illegal dog fight

Suspect abused animal then used it to inflict actual bodily harm

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A cyclist was badly bitten after trying to stop an illegal dog fight. The victim was riding his bike on Field Road near Cox House when he witnessed two dogs fighting in the street.

Both had their owners nearby who repeatedly verbally encouraged the dogs to engage in the fight. One suspect kept slapping his dog around the head to make him more aggressive.

The victim approached the suspect and asked him why he was using his dog for that fighting adding that the dog, responding under the name of Trojan "looks bad". The suspect then decided to set his dog onto the victim shouting "Get him, boy, get him".

The dog, a brown Staffordshire terrier with a leather collar, named "Trojan"; first bit the victim on his bottom then around his right wrist as he lowered his right arm to protect himself. The dog also pulled the victim off his bike, dragging him towards itself.

The victim suffered some puncture marks on both sides of his right wrist as well as bruises and scratches on his bottom as a result of the attack and went to hospital where he was treated and checked for tendon damage to his right arm.

The suspect is described as male, mixed race light skin of approx 18 years of age about 4'8" tall (as reported by victim) short black hair with a Staffordshire Terrier dog of brown colour with a leather collar responding to being called "Trojan".

Any witnesses or information are asked to contact PC Abraham at Hammersmith Police Stn  or the Crime Management Unit @ Fulham Police Station on – 020 8246 2814

December 29, 2006