CCTV Exposes Bogus Robbery

Chauffeur made up attack by four knife wielding men

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A man who claimed to have been robbed on Blacks Road by a gang of armed robbers has been given a Fixed Penalty Notice after examination of CCTV footage showed that the robbery never took place.

The incident was reported at the time on this site. (See report.)

On 18/10/2006 the suspect (a 45 year old man), reported a knifepoint robbery to police.

CCTV covering the venue in Blacks Road was viewed for a two-hour period. It showed the suspect arrive on the scene drop off his client at 1550 hours then leave to return at 1715 hours and then the police arrived.

At no time did four males approach the victim get in his car, hold a knife to his throat. The suspect would not come in and view witness albums and said he was very pleased with police action but wanted to forget it and put it down to experience as it had traumatised him.

He was informed that CCTV showed nothing occurring and he said he would attend Hammersmith to view the CCTV. He did not turn up and his mobile phone was disconnected. The man was again contacted and this time he attended Hammersmith Police Station on the 2nd January where he was issued a Fixed Penalty Notice for wasting police time.

January 8, 2007