Marching orders for Scourge of Acfold Road

Action taken against man who subjected neighbours to months of abuse

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A tenant who told his pregnant neighbour, "I'm going to make every day miserable for you", has been thrown out of his flat in a zero-tolerance council crackdown.

Hammersmith & Fulham Council took the action against Leroy Sampoh after terrified neighbours endured months of racist abuse, taunts, foul language and physical violence.

Sampoh, who lived at the taxpayers' expense on Acfold Road, Fulham, terrorised neighbours and visitors with physical and verbal abuse for more than three years. On one occasion he screamed, "Listen Matilda I was born here" to his pregnant Australian neighbour before threatening the woman with physical violence.

In the case, which was heard last Friday 5 Jan, the court learned how Sampoh engaged in a reign of terror which included punching, grabbing and kicking his neighbours and their visitors on numerous occasions.

Councillor Adronie Alford says, "The action we have taken demonstrates in the clearest possible terms that we will not tolerate anti-social tenants who abuse their neighbours."

In his summing up District Judge Nicholson said, "Being allowed back into the property would make you feel you can get away with physically, verbally and mentally abusing someone and that nobody can do a thing to stop you."

In September 2005 Sampoh was sentenced to 21 months in Wandworth Prison for racially aggravated harassment, but served only half his sentence. When he was released H&F Council sought a notice seeking possession which led to last week's eviction notice being served.

Cllr Greg Smith, cabinet member for crime & antisocial behaviour, says, "This eviction proves that we are not going to treat the anti-social thugs who take their council homes for granted with kid gloves anymore. We have a zero-tolerance stance to the louts who abuse other residents and we are pursuing them relentlessly."

Sampoh has 28 days, from January 5, to clear his things out of the flat and is only allowed one visit back to the property.

Next door neighbour Michelle Linney, who endured Sampoh's antics, said of the victory, "I'm glad the council has finally chucked this bully out. It is a huge relief and I can now go home without the fear of being spat at or harassed. He thought he was untouchable after years of getting away with it, so it's a weight of our shoulders and a great relief to know that action is being taken against these sorts of people."

January 16, 2007