Bogus Water Worker Dupes Elderly Victim

Police seek help in catching St Dunstans Road double theft

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On the 4th January at around 13.45 a white male rang the doorbell of a flat in St Dunstan’s Road and told the elderly victim that there was a problem nearby and that they needed to turn off the water in the area.

After gaining access to the 85 year old woman’s flat by claiming that he needed to check the valves and turn the water off, the suspect told the victim to store up a couple of jugs of water.

The suspect began playing about with the stopcock under the kitchen sink and told the victim to turn on the bath tap which was situated on the first floor.

Whilst the victim went upstairs to turn the tap on as requested, the suspect went to the victim’s handbag and removed her purse.

When the victim returned downstairs and did not immediately notice that any items were missing. The suspect then stated that he needed to turn off the water in each of the flats.

The suspect entered the flat of his second victim and took further property. It was only when the suspect had left the scene that his victims realised what had happened.

The suspect is described as male, white, around 24 years old with an Irish accent.

Property stolen was a handbag containing £200 cash and cheque cards and a purse containing £10.

January 17, 2007