Pitbull Gang Terrorise Bus Station

Member of staff attacked after confronting dog owners

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A member of staff at the Hammersmith Broadway bus station was rushed to hospital when he was attacked having confronted a gang who were terrorising passengers with bull terrier type dogs.

A group of men had been causing a disturbance and letting the dogs run loose around the station. Staff members approached them and asked them to leave the area. One of the men had his dog on a lead. When approached by the staff he started swearing at them. One of the others in the group was heard to say, 'He's going to bite you.' The victim said that dog was acting aggressively towards him, snarling and showing its teeth. Then the owner of the dog slackened the lead, the dog came forward and bit the victim on the left knee. He had to prise the dog off his leg using his hands. The suspect then made off in direction of Queen Caroline Street. The incident occurred at around 7.20pm on 3rd March.

The dog was described as tan in colour and looking like a bull terrier.

The 62 year old victim was taken to Charing Cross Hospital and was treated in Accident and Emergency for two puncture wounds on his knee .

Police were informed that, earlier in the day, there had been a group of 10 males with 6 dogs in the station. Some members of that group had returned later in the day with 3 dogs and it was this group that was involved in the incident. The dogs were all described as bull terrier types. The man holding the lead of the dog that made the attack was described as black,18 years old 5ft 9in tall wearing brown jacket

Anyone who witnessed the incident or recognises the suspects is asked to contact the officer in charge of the case, PC Stevenson at Hammersmith CID or call the Crime management unit at Fulham Police Station on 0208 246 2814. If you know of anybody who may have been in the bus station on that day please forward this story to them.

March 9, 2007