Drug Dealer Charged With ABH

On duty officer required medical attention after suspect violently resists arrest

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A drug dealer has been charged with ABH after assaulting a police offficer who was trying to search him.

The incident happened on 20th April when the officer, who was on duty at the time, spotted the suspect dealing drugs. He went to search him but the suspect resisted violently before producing a small quantity of cannabis claiming that was all he had. The officer stated that he was going to search him anyway.

The suspect reacted by pushing the away and running. The officer caught suspect and received two hard punches, causing a deep cut to his mouth which required the top lip being stitched back together and a cut to the side of his face.

The officer managed to restrain the suspect until help arrived when he was arrested for assault on a police officer as well as money laundering and possession of an offensive weapon.

Police have now charged the suspect, 27 year old Angus Williams, with the following offences:

1. Assault occasioning actual bodily harm.
2. Obstructing a constable carrying out a drugs search.
3. Possession of a bladed article.
4. Possession of class C drug namely cannabis.

He has been bailed to attend West London Magistrates Court on the 4th May 2007.

April 24, 2007