Gunman Strikes on Greyhound Road

Armed mugging achieves a paltry yield

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The Police in Hammersmith


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A 22 year old man has been subjected to a terrifying ordeal on Greyhound Road when a mugger drew a gun on him.

He was walking down Fulham Palace Road on 8th May at around 10.50pm and had just passed the junction of Field Road on the opposite side to the Church when he became aware of footsteps behind him. When he heard running sounds he turned and found himself encircled by three men.

One of them placed a gun forcibly under his chin and said 'Give me everything you've got' and then started counting. The gun was a rusty bronze colour. The victim handed over his wallet when he got to three. Another one of the attackers held a knife with a 4-5 inch blade in his right hand and rested it on the victim's stomach. The wallet contained a bank card, driving licence and £5 cash.

Once the wallet had been handed the man with the gun said "get out of here" and all 3 attackers then ran back in the direction they came towards North End Road.

The men were all black in the region of 5ft11 in height and late teens or early 20s in age. The man with the gun wore dark clothing with a baseball cap. He was described as having a high-pitched nasal voice. The one with the knife was also in dark clothing wearing a baseball hat and may also have had his hood over the hat. The third man was also in dark clothing and also had a white scarf across his face. One of the suspects may have had a diamond stud earring.

Any witnesses or people with information are asked to contact TDC Barlow at Hammersmith CID via the crime management unit at Fulham Police Station on 0208 246 2814. If you know of anyone who may have been in the area at the time please forward this item to them.

May 24, 2007