Scooter Snatch, Teen Mugging and Father's Day Robbery

Local Police seek information from residents to help solve recent crimes

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A 23-year-old woman was mugged for her handbag by a teenage black man and a boy of about nine-years old riding a scooter in Uxbridge Road.

The woman was crossing over from Lime Grove at 5.15am on Tuesday (June 12) when the two suspects rode towards her on a blue/grey scooter.

Neither one wore a helmet.

The teenager grabbed her bag and pulled at it violently when the woman resisted.

The smaller boy, who was riding pillion also pulled at the bag, and the woman fell to the floor.

She managed to hang on to the bag and the two rode off into Frithville Gardens.

Any information to Fulham Police Station on 0208 246 2814



Two teenage boys were punched in the nose by a gang of four older youths outside Subway in King Street at 8.15pm The 14-year-olds were walking along King Street on Wednesday (June 13) with a friend when the pair were surrounded by a mixed race youth and three white youths in their late teens.

The older boys asked what time it was, and then the mixed race teenager punched the schoolboy, breaking his nose. He then punched the other 14-year-old, causing him to fall to the floor.

Any information to Fulham Police Station on 0208 246 2814



A 30-year-old woman was attacked by a teenage girl and boy outside the Tesco's in White City.
The attack took place at 9pm on Wednesday (June 13).

The woman walked through a group of eight youths who had been running in and out of the supermarket in Wood Lane.

They started following her, and then a girl of about 15 demanded she apologise.

The woman refused and a teenage boy aged 14 grabbed her handbag.

She resisted and the girl punched her on the mouth, causing her upper lip to swell.

The youths, both white, escaped along South Africa Road.

Any information to Fulham Police Station on 0208 246 2814



A man was mugged on his doorstep in Adelaide Grove, Shepherds Bush on Father's Day.

The 56-year-old man had been out drinking with his son on Sunday (June 17), and had returned home at 8.15pm.

As he unlocked his front door he was grabbed from behind around the neck. His pockets were searched and £5 in cash stolen.

The muggers were black, tall and in their early 20s.

Any information to Fulham Police Station on 0208 246 2814

June 19, 2007