Police Appeal Over Local Robberies

Information required about three incidents

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Police are appealing for witnesses and information to three robberies that occurred in the Hammersmith area recently.

The first took place on 19th October on Glenthorne Road at 1.10am. An 18 year old male was making his way to Glenthorne Road on his pedal cycle heading west. At the junction of Lamington Street two suspects suddenly approached him. The first man, who was black aged about 20, 6ft tall, wearing a dark grey woollen hat, black hooded top with black puffa body warmer, Nike Air max trainers, and of a stocky build. The second man, also black and of the same height and age was on foot wearing a black “new era” hat, black hooded top and dark trousers. The suspects kicked the rear wheel of the victim’s bike causing him to overbalance, the man on the bike then pulled the victim down and grabbed his Nokia mobile phone, which hung around his neck by a lanyard. Both suspects then ran off west on Glenthorne Road and turned left into Galena Road.

On October 23rd at 9.05am - 9.15am at the Dunsany Road junction with Blythe Road, W14 a 39 year old man towards Brook Green when another man appeared in front of him. The victim is not sure what the suspect said. Apparently the suspect spoke in English, but the victim couldn't understand. The suspect had a metal object in his right hand and struck the victim on the head twice with it as well as punching him in the face. The victim cannot remember how his bag was taken from him, but believes that it was taken off his shoulder whilst he was on the ground. He then chased after the suspect into Blythe Rd who escaped towards Lakeside Rd. Contained in the bag was a lap top, a passport, a packed lunch and a USB pen drive. The attacker is described as a 23 year old black male, aged 23, 6ft tall wearing a red and white checked top and dark trousers.

The third offence took place on 25th October at 7.15pm - 7.25pm outside West London College on Talgarth Road. The victim, a 29 year old female. was waiting at the lights when the suspects approached her from behind on pushbikes. She believes that they came from the direction of Gliddon Road. One of the suspects grabbed her clutch bag, which was in her hand, she held on to it momentarily then it was pulled from her grasp. The suspects then rode west along the North side of the A4. She ran after them shouting until they were out of sight. The property stolen included a black clutch bag with Radleigh logo of a small dog on it, brown Radleigh purse with a small dog logo on it, silver Mclaren mobile phone, £200 cash, keys, documents and credit/debit cards.

Anyone with any information about these crimes should contact our Crime Management Unit on 020 8246 2814 or call crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

November 2, 2007