Elderly Lady Tackles Bogus Electricians

79 year old takes on thieves in Flora Gardens

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Anyone with any information about these crimes should contact the Crime Management Unit on 020 8246 2814 or call crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

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Three men tricked their way into an elderly couple's home last week in Flora Gardens by claiming to be electricians. The incident took place on 22nd November at 12.31pm

The 79 year old lady answer the door to a man who claimed he was an electrician from the council and needed to come into the address. He stated that there was a problem with an electric box downstairs and without checking the flat they may be without electricity. When asked for identification he produced a blue coloured credit card and offered it to the lady as ID. She pointed out that it did not have a picture on it but the man insisted that he came in and look at the electrics.

Her husband, an 86 year old man, told the 'electrician' that he would stay in the room whilst he carried out the work. The man went to his bedroom, where he opened a cupboard door, looking for the fuse box.

The lady was now standing in the hallway of the flat and noticed two males enter the flat via the front door and walk into her bedroom. She walked over to the bedroom and saw the males looking through her belongings. She shouted at them telling them to get out. Both males then began demanding to know where the money was. She then took hold them and tried to push them out but they resisted.

Her husband heard the commotion but when he tried to leave his room the other man blocked his way. The two other men then fled the building and the third man followed behind them.

The first man who called to the flat is described as a white male aged around 40 years old, thin and 5ft 9". The other two were also white and 6ft and 5ft 9" respectively.

At this stage no property has been identified as missing from the flat.

November 29, 2007