Hammersmith Crime Round Up

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Anyone with any information about these crimes should contact the Crime Management Unit on 020 8246 2814 or call crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

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Theft from motor vehicle on Paddenswick Road - At 8.30am on the morning of 19th December a 61 year old man put his blue badge on the dashboard inside of his blue Toyota Previa. When he returned to the car in the afternoon at 320pm the front passenger side door was wide open and his disabled badge and clock had been stolen. There were no signs of damage to the car and nothing else was stolen.

Theft of pedal cycles from St Peter's Square - a 41 year old woman left her blue ladies mountain bike chained to the St. Peter's Church signpost in the grounds of the church on the 18th December. Between 2pm and 2.45pm someone has cut the chain and made off with the bike. (Another bike with the victim's bike was also stolen)

Handbag snatch near Fairholme Road, W14 - As the 39 year old victim was walking west along Fairholme Road on 17th December at around 9.40pm with her friend the suspect ran past her from behind and snatched her handbag off of her shoulder. The man, described as 5ft 10' wearing a dark hooded top and tracksuit bottoms, then jumped into a Silver BMW X5 at the end of the road and made off towards North End Road.

Property stolen was a LK Bennett brown handbag which contained a Nokia mobile phone, Mulberry wallet, £40 cash, driving licence, keys and credit cards

Burglary on Comeragh Road, W14 - Some time between 7.30am and 7.10pm burglars have broken into a 56 year old woman's ground floor flat by smashing down the internal flat door splitting it in 2. The only property that could be seen missing was £170 in cash, which had been inside a shiny wooden music box within the one bedroom.

Assault on Blythe Road - On December 14th at about 3.38pm a 53 year man was walking along Blythe Road near the junction with Lakeside Rd, W14 on the north pavement when a group of 6 children walked towards him. The man stopped when they walked straight into him. They then became abusive towards him and were saying that he should have moved out of their way. A white girl, aged about 14 5ft 7' wearing a light blue anorak with fur lined hood, then punched the victim in the face, connecting with his temple area. A second girl, white 14yr old male, 5ft 9', medium build with short light brown hair, then kicked the victim in the hip. All suspects then ran off towards Shepherd's Bush Road. The man was not seriously injured.

Robbery on Furnivall Gardens - On December 14th at 6.32pm a 25 year old Asian male, described as 6ft tall, wearing a plain grey round neck jumper, blue tracksuit with darker stripes down legs walked straight up to a 16 year old boy and asked, “Do you have any skunk for me?” The boy noticed that the suspect was smoking a cannabis cigarette at the time. The suspect then asked, “What have you got for me?” and began “cracking his knuckles” in a way that the victim found threatening. The suspect then said, “Empty your pockets”. Fearing for his safety and believing that he would be attacked if he didn’t comply the victim took his own phone and wallet from his pocket and handed them to the suspect. The suspect took a twenty-pound note from the wallet before handing it back to the victim. He kept hold of the victim's Samsung phone and then made off towards the underpass by the A4.

Theft of cycle on Iffley Road - The victim left his bike locked outside his house on the night of the 12th December at 8pm. In the morning at 7.30am he found the lock had been cut and the bike had been stolen. The bike was worth £400.

Criminal Damage on King Street - On 22nd November between 6 and 6.15pm a 66 year old lady left her disability mobility scooter outside Iceland on King Street.  When she returned to the vehicle she found that the ignition area had been damaged (knob had been broken).  The vehicle could not be started and she had to get a taxi home.  

December 21, 2007