Hammersmith Crime Round Up

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Anyone with any information about these crimes should contact the Crime Management Unit on 020 8246 2814 or call crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

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Robbery Near Ravenscourt Park - on the 14th January between 5pm and 5.40pm a 16 year old boy was near to the junction of King Street with his earphones on (connected to his phone in his pocket) when he noticed a black youth walking on the other side of the road towards him. He walked up to the victim taken him by the arm and said “Do you smoke draw?” to which the victim said no. The youth then said, “Do you have any cigarettes?” again the victim replied no. The youth then asked to see the boy's phone saying he was not going to take it. When he got no response he said, “I’ll knock you out if you don’t show me your phone!”

The victim kept telling the youth to leave him alone and he wasn’t getting his phone. He then saw a vehicle driving towards him and although still on the pavement, he waved his hands towards the car trying to get it to stop. The car did not stop. The youth then punched the victim in the cheek and made a grab for his earphones, which pulled away from the phone, he suspect then walked north out of sight.

The property stolen was Sony Ericsson headphones, black in colour with orange bits on the actual headphone

The suspect is described as a black male aged 17 years, 5ft 11' wearing dark army green jacket, black baseball cap with a logo on the front and a dark brown small moustache.

Common Assault Outside Footlocker on King Street - On 14th January at 2.50pm a seventeen year old male youth was walking along King Street when he was set upon from behind by two other youths who both punched him in the face. The attack only lasted a few minutes before the suspects made off towards Chiswick. The victim was left with a cut to his bottom lip and a graze on his forehead. The two youths were both male and Chinese. The first one was aged 18 years 5ft 9' medium build, dark brown short hair and a brown beard wearing a white sweater and dark jeans. The second was 19years, 5ft 10', heavy build, dark brown short hair and wearing dark clothing

Robbery along Macbeth Street: between King St and Down Place - At around 3.50pm on 8th January the victim, a 15 year old boy, was walking along King Street heading towards Hammersmith Broadway. A black youth approached the victim outside Cottage Chicken and asked him for the time, the victim stated he did not have it and continued to walk on. The youth then ran back after the victim and put his left arm round his shoulders and said something along the lines of “I asked you for the time, I’m going to find some alley to take you down”. He then began forcefully ushering the victim down a side road, which the victim believes to be Macbeth Street. Four more black youths followed behind.

Once in Macbeth Street the youth said, “ I’ve got a knife, I will stab you, do you have any cash.” Another of the gang put his hand in the victim's right pocket and took out his IPOD saying “Give me that” and ripped the headphones out of the victim's ears. The rest of the gang began to walk off towards King Street leaving the victim with first youth who took the victim's Nokia mobile phone and made off with all the other suspects towards King Street.

Robbery along King Street - Later that day (8th January) at 4.15pm a 15 year old boy was approached by a group of 5 black youths near a convenience store on King Street who surrounded him. One of them said, "If you don't give me all you got I'll stab you." A second youth was also standing in front of him with his hand clenched by his side. The victim handed over his IPOD to the threatening youth who then asked him if he had anything else on him to which the victim replied no. He then patted the victim down and removed an oyster car from his right jacket pocket and removed ten pounds in cash from his oyster card. The five then made off up King Street towards Chiswick High Road.

Robbery Near Ravenscourt Park - Also on the 8th January at around 4.20pm a 14 year old boy walked down Ravenscourt Road went into the local shop and bought some sweets. He exited the shop and started heading towards the train station. As he stepped outside the shop he saw a group of black youths walking towards him on the same side of the road .

The group is believed to have consisted of eight males aged approximately 16. Two of the males broke off from the group and approached the victim, and one said, " What have you got for me" to which the boy replied nothing. He was then grabbed by his blazer and pushed against a bush. One of the group said to the youth who had done this, " Don't do that here, there are lots of people " and he let go. The boy was then told to empty his pockets and was told to give money valuable and phone. He handed over his Samsung phone and was told he would be hurt if anything was found. The youth then emptied all the victims’ pockets. Both males walked away heading towards King Street. The first youth was described as a black 5ft 8' male aged 16 years of stocky build, shaved head and wearing a dark school uniform

Offence: ABH near Tescos along North End Road - On 7th January at 9.45pm a 37 year old man was walking along the south end of North End Road close by to the West Kensington Estate when he accidentally bumped his shoulder into a man who was walking towards him. The man became angry and said, "What was that for?" The man immediately apologised but his top was grabbed hold of and he was pulled close to the other man and then punched him on the nose. Due to the fact that victim was wearing glasses the centre point of the frame cut into the victim's nose causing blood to pour out. The suspect then walked off towards the direction of the A4. He is described as a 40 year old Somali male wearing black bottoms, black top and black jacket

January 18, 2008