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Anyone with any information about these crimes should contact the Crime Management Unit on 020 8246 2814 or call crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

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Robbery - Moyland Road
Date of Offence: 13/02/08 Time: 15:26hrs
A 25 year old woman was walking along Moyland Road when she was hit on the left side of her face by a teenage girl. The girl then pulled her Nokia 95 mobile phone from her hand as she was using it to speak to her sister. The woman saw the girl run off north in Moyland Road before running across the road and joining a teenage boy who was riding a white moped. The girl jumped on the rear of the moped, which rode off north in Moyland Road and then north up Musard Road towards Queens Club on Greyhound Road. She is described as white, aged 17, 5ft 6', thin, wearing a white crash helmet, black sports jacket and light blue jeans. He accomplice was aged around 17 5ft 8' wearing a black crash helmet and riding a white moped.

Burglary Artifice - South Black Lion Lane
Date of Offence: 12/02/08. Time: 18:20 – 18:27hrs
A 69 year old man went to his front door on South Black Lion Lane when the doorbell rang twice. He asked who it was, and was told by a man that he was here on behalf of Hammersmith Council. The resident opened the door on the door-chain, the man stated that he was from a Security company and was aware of the problems that the victim had been having and was here to offer some security advice. He offered a card as ID, which was flicked onto the floor of the flat, the resident picked it up. As the picture matched he took the chain off and let the man in. He went to the living room and was looking around but the resident started becoming suspicious after asking questions. He went for the phone to call the police when the man grabbed him and ushered him into the corner and rifled through his pockets and removed the his wallet. He went through the wallet but the resident pressed his pendant alarm, which made the ‘box’, sound. This shocked the man who then rushed out the flat disregarding the wallet, having removed approximately £70.00 in cash. He is described as a black male aged around 25, 6ft 2, short black hair in a side parting, English accent, athletic build wearing dark black jeans, smart dark jumper with a red/white on front chest area and black shoes.

Robbery - Westwick Gardens
Date of Offence: 12/02/08 Time: 21:25hrs
A thirty one year old man was walking along Westwick Gardens towards Shepherd's Bush Road when he was approached by the three suspects who without warning began to punch and kick the victim. One of the group said “you can't run away so whatever you’ve got give it to us” The man fell to the floor and had his coat pulled over his head and was hit several more times before the gang took his brown leather jacket containing a white Nokia 6300 mobile phone and keys and ran off towards Shepherd's Bush Road. The victim was left with minor cuts to his head and hands. The three attackers were all black males. One is described as 6ft 1' wearing a grey tracksuit top and bottoms. There is no further description for the other two.

Theft of pedal cycles - Bradmore Park Road
Date of Offence: 11/02 – 12/02/08. Time: 22:00 – 08:30hrs
Between dates and times shown person(s) unknown have stolen the a woman's purple Raleigh pedal cycle, which she had left unattended at the Bradmore Park Road overnight, chained using 2 locks to a cycle post via the frame and wheels.

Theft - North Eyot Gardens
Date of Offence: 5/02/08. Time: 14:30hrs
Four males have driven up in a white Ford Transit van and parked outside a property at North Eyot Gardens. Two of the males went into the garden and picked up a quantity of plumber’s hand tools, copper piping and 12 old radiators and handed them to the other two males, who put it into their van, and drove off.

Robbery - nr West Kensington tube station
Date of Offence: 3/02/08. Time: 17:50 – 18:10hrs
A sixteen year old boy was walking north along North End Road on the west side opposite West Kensington Tube Station outside Chicken Cottage when he saw a group of males. One of them, who had a white dog with him, approached the boy and confronted him, asking, "What have you got for me?" The boy replied "nothing". The man then produced a knife from his trouser waistband, and said "I'll stab your eye out" (the blade was approx. 3 inches with a black handle), he then put knife back away and searched the boy's pockets, taking 2 mobile phones and his Ipod. He then took the boy's bag, which was on his back. Whilst this was happening the others in the group told the man to stop and leave him alone. He ignored them. The boy did not stop the suspect from searching his pockets and taking his property as he feared for his safety. Once he had taken the property he said "I'll set my dog on you". The dog was white with brown/black patches on it and around 50 cm's tall. The boy then ran north towards West Cromwell Road. Property stolen included a Sony Ericsson mobile phone, Samsung mobile phone, black IPOD, blue Adidas cap, black sports bag with an orange stripe down it, black scarf and gloves. The man is described as black/mixed race, aged around 21, 5ft 3', short black hair, English accent, wearing green jacket, blue jeans, purple trainers with red/white laces.

Anyone with any information about these crimes should contact our Crime Management Unit on 020 8246 2814 or call crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

February 22, 2008