Hammersmith Crime Round Up

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Robbery: Dalling Road
A 25 year old man was walking along Dalling Road on 15th March at 7.30pm when a man approached him from behind on a pedal cycle. He got off his bike and pushed him into a driveway just off Dalling Road and then grabbed him by the arms and pushed him into the road saying 'give me all you've got; your phone, money'. The victim stated he did not any money or a phone but was patted down by the man. He noticed a knife in the suspect's hands (around 4-6" long). He then told him he had a Nokia phone, which the suspect removed, and he then cycled off in a northerly direction. The man is described as a black male aged around 24, 5ft 10', heavy build wearing a white sports jacket and jeans.

Theft : Outside Barclays Bank, North End Road, W14
A 51 year old was at the cash point at around 2pm on 13th March; he put his card into the cash point to take out three hundred pounds. The three men approached as he was waiting for his cash. The first man put his hands in front of the screen and told the victim that the machine was not working. He pushed his hands out of the way but when he turned to face him he realised the two other men were right next to him. The three men surrounded the victim, with their hands all going over him to touch the screen and telling him that the machine was not working. He was concentrating hard on getting the money from the machine and pushing them off with his other hand, that he did not notice that they had stolen his bankcard. He walked off with his money and then realised that his bankcard was missing. The three men were all described as being Arabic in appearance. The first was aged around 28, 5ft 6', slim, black very long straight hair and wearing a black three quarter length jacket. The second was aged around 38, 6ft, stocky build and wearing a long black coat. The third was around 25 years old, 5ft 8', stocky, short black hair wearing a white sweater /jumper with grey and black hoops.

Snatch: Outside Hammersmith Apollo
On 11th March at 3.45pm a 39 year old man had just walked past Hammersmith Apollo and was heading towards the Broadway Centre talking on his phone when a white male wearing a white hooded top riding a mountain style bike rode up behind him and snatched his Nokia phone out of his hand. He then cycled off down Sussex Place towards Hammersmith Bridge Road W6.

Common Assault: Studland Street, W6
In an unprovoked attack on 10th March at 9.25pm a white male, aged around 55, heavy build, grey hair with an Irish accent approached a 35 year old man and punched him 2 or 3 times whilst he was smoking along the street.

Indecent Exposure: Lillie Road
A 23 year old woman was waiting for the 74 bus opposite the gym on Lillie Road on 4th March at around 11.30pm. She was pacing behind the bus stand when a man walked past her and took a seat in the well-lit bus shelter. She later notice that he was sitting at the bus stop bench with his trousers pulled down to his thighs exposing himself. She walked away and hailed a taxi. The man is described as a 23yr old black male, 5ft 7' wearing a black top, black jeans, red material belt, slim with black short hair.

Anyone with any information about these crimes should contact the Crime Management Unit on 020 8246 2814 or call crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

March 17, 2008