Council worker saves pet Hamster from being recycled

Chubby cheeked charmer lives to nibble another Smart Sack

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A hamster, who was seconds away from being crushed after it was chucked into a recycling bank, has been saved by eagle eyed council workers.

The chubby cheeked charmer was found in a recycling nk near Holborn House, DuCane Road.

The small rodent, a Roborovski Dwarf, survived a freezing cold December night before he was found nibbling through a Smart Sack surrounded by sawdust.

Councilor Nicholas Botterill says, "We do get more contamination of recycling around Christmas but officers don't normally find hamsters smiling back at them when they check the recycling banks."

The furry rodent hails from an Asian breed that loves warm weather and has now been named Chilly by new owner Isabel Anderson.

Isabel, 12, says, "I can't believe he's still alive after what happened, but he's doing fine now. He's really furry and I think that's what saved him."

Councilor Botterill concludes, "The Smart Sacks and Banks can take aerosols, cans, card, glass, paper and plastic bottles, with no need to sort. We just don't know how this animal got into the recycling although I am sure it wasn't a deliberate attempt to 'recycle' it. We are just very pleased that it has found a new owner.

"We try to make sure the facts about what can and can't be recycled are communicated effectively to everyone but occasionally people do make mistakes."

December 29, 2006