Nuke Trains travelling on local tracks

Concerns raised over terrorist attack at Olympia


Sinclair Road Residents Association

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Environmental action group Greenpeace have published details of the timetable of trains carrying nuclear waste which show that such trains regular pass along the West London line which runs behind Sinclair Road.

The group is arguing that publication is necessary because it would be easy for terrorists to find out this information and security on the trains is minimal. Recently a journalist from the Daily Mirror managed to plant a fake bomb. The trains do sometimes halt at passenger stations including Kensington Olympia.

Greenpace say the transport of nuclear material is recognised by the International Atomic Energy Agency to be the nuclear operation most vulnerable to terrorist attack or sabotage. Tests have shown the flasks to be highly vulnerable to attack from armour piercing rounds. The trains are unescorted other than by a driver and a guardsman. Their movements tend to be regular and along a single route. In addition it has claimed that transportation is totally unnecessary because the trains carry spent fuel from each of the UK's nuclear reactors to Sellafield for reprocessing. But, due to a radioactive leak, the plant has been closed for a year and no reprocessing is actually taking place.

It had long be rumoured that the West London Line was being used for the transportation of nuclear waste, which had caused a great deal of concern to many residents. The Greenpeace report shows that these trains run twice a week, on Mondays, Wednesdays or Thursdays. Having started from Dungeness, and gone through Ashford, Tonbridge, Lewisham and Clapham High Street, they arive at Kensington Olympia station at 19:20, to proceed onto their final destination, Willesden Junction.

There has been no denial of the information gathered by Greenpeace either from transporters or from the nuclear industry.

The Sinclair Road Residents is asking for feedback from residents on how they should act in this matter. In the meantime, they are trying to gather more information, and request some more transparency from whomever is overseeing the transportation of nuclear waste on this line.

August 21, 2006