Consultation Backs Reversing Flow of Hammersmith Gyratory

Anti-clockwise flow proposed to reduce 'negative energy' in area

New proposed orientation of Hammersmith Gyratory

New proposed orientation of Hammersmith Gyratory

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It is understood that Transport for London are considering significant alterations to their original plans for Hammersmith Gyratory following responses to the consultation on the changes.

The most radical of these is a complete rethink of the flow of traffic around the Gyratory with vehicles now going in an anti-clockwise direction as opposed to the current clockwise configuration. This would mean that vehicles travelling north on Fulham Palace Road would now be forced to turn right rather than left. The traffic flow from Blacks Road into Queen Caroline Street would also be to the right. Traffic from Shepherd’s Bush Road travelling south would be directed towards King Street rather than the Hammersmith Road.

The change in traffic flow would mean that the pedestrian crossing outside Hammersmith Broadway tube station would no longer have to be moved.

This was not an option in the original consultation documents but the feedback from the public so far is pointing to strong support for the move. Of the 82 responses received so far over 50 were in support of this option with many of these pointing to the bad feng shui of the current arrangement.

TfL have reportedly dismissed claims that the response to the consultation is too low to be representative saying that the plans were widely promoted on Instagram and MySpace to reach the broadest possible demographic. Sources say that their consultants believe that the fact that 15% of responses to the consultation came from people living in California gives extra weight to its outcome.

Hammersmith gyratory

The new layout might take some time to get used to

Karmic Thinkfluencer Avril Amadan, who is supporting the change in traffic flow says, “This is not some sort of pseudo-science. Speak to any doctor and they will tell you that the blood flows through your body in an anti-clockwise direction specifically to redirect negative energy. What is happening in Hammersmith at the moment is that negative karma is being trapped within the existing traffic network. It needs to be released by reversing the flow.”

The new road layout would also offer significant benefits in terms of improved bus priority, safer access for cyclists and better pedestrian priority.

Avril claims that the benefit of the change to the road layout would go beyond the realms of transport. She says, “The negative energy has had a broader impact. The blockage at the top of Fulham Palace Road is redirecting bad chi down towards Craven Cottage. The bad results have nothing to do with the removal of the Michael Jackson statue as some fools claim. If this change isn’t made then there is a real danger that they will be in Division One next season. QPR and Chelsea are also suffering from the current configuration of the Gyratory. What more proof to people need?”

The consultation on the changes to the Hammersmith Gyratory ended on March 15.

April 1, 2016

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