FA Cup Heaven at Latymer

School wins day with cup in nutrition competition

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Alan Simmons (Head of Year 8) and Charlotte Nightingale (Biology teacher) with FA Cup


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There was tremendous excitement at Latymer Upper School when officials from the Football Association made a special visit to the school, bringing with them the actual FA Cup, as presented to Arsenal when they won the FA Cup final last Saturday.

The magnificent trophy was brought to the school by the Football Association in recognition of a special project completed by one of Latymer’s Year 8 forms as part of their biology studies.

In the autumn term, as part of a unit of study on nutrition, their biology teacher, Charlotte Nightingale, asked her pupils to devise healthy menus for one day with a budget of £4. At the time, the Fat Nation Big Challenge was being broadcast on television and the BBC school-work support website Onion Street was running a competition (supported by the Football Association) linked to this.

“I was very impressed by the pupil’s work and decided to send it in to the Onion Street team,” says Charlotte. “To my delight, I received a phone call telling me that we were one of the schools who had won a prize, namely a visit to our school from the FA Cup!”

All the pupils were awe-struck by the beautiful, glittering trophy. One of them, an Arsenal supporter, said: “I can’t believe it! I actually got to hold it!”

Winning Year 8 pupils with FA Cup

June 8, 2005