Residents say no to an 11th supermarket in Cromwell Avenue area

Plans to build offices for the Council, affordable housing and a Tesco in a residential street.


Do we need another Tesco Supermarket on our Doorstep?


There are discussions in hand with Tesco and Hammersmith & Fulham Borough Council to demolish 80 homes in Cromwell Avenue and King Street, a Church Meeting House and the UGC Cinema to create a Supermarket for Tesco and new Council Offices.

· · A whole community destroyed
· · New access road from A4 directly into the Tesco site
· · More traffic and pollution
· · No Cinema in Hammersmith
· · Trees chopped down, gardens and wildlife destroyed
· · Local small shops will suffer

We already have 10 supermarkets/superstores to choose from within walking distance from the centre of Hammersmith.


A commercial venture - shiny new expensive offices for the Council and another Store for Tesco - that we do not need!


How: - Lobby or Write to:

Ian Coleman MP
House of Commons
London SW1A 0AA

Mary Honeyball, MEP
4G Shirland Mews London
London W9 3DY

Angela Bray
Assembly Ward Councillor
Romney House
Marsham Street
London SW1 3PY

Chris Allen
15 Nasmyth Street
London W6 0HA

We are residents of Cromwell Avenue in Hammersmith and we are writing to inform of a proposed joint development between The London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham Council and Tesco. A neighbour has had verbal confirmation from the Council to this effect. We strongly oppose this proposed scheme and are seeking your active help.

Cromwell Avenue is a small residential avenue off King Street above Nigel Playfair Avenue. Cromwell Avenue has three blocks of flats. One block is made up of 52 flats and is part of the Trust of Thomas Pocklington; the other two blocks Marryat Court were initially completely owned by the Council, however some years ago a number of the residents in Marryat Court took up the offer of right to buy (14 long leaseholds) so the property is part private ownership and Council tenants. In between the blocks in the central reservation are a row of trees all of which are over 100 years old. We are all very concerned about news relating to Cromwell Avenue and this proposed Tesco Development scheme.

The details we have are as follows:

A scheme which comprises a store for Tesco, offices for the Council together with some affordable housing which will encompass the 3 blocks of flats in Cromwell Avenue, the Quakers' Meeting House, the Mansion block (Cromwell Mansions) fronting King Street, the 4 shops immediately below, the UGC Cinema, and car park at the rear.

At present this area is a thriving residential community - not forgetting the trees, gardens
and wildlife which will all cease to exist, and what for? Another Tesco store which is not required (10 Supermarkets all within walking distance of the area).

We understand the Thomas Pocklington Trust have been approached by Tesco and are seriously considering the proposal. We confirm also that the Quakers have been approached by the Council for the demolition of their Meeting House which is at the far end of Cromwell Avenue nearest the A4, where we are given to understand that access into the site is being considered.

I also understand that as part of the Scheme the UGC cinema in King Street has already been sold and will be closed in September.

The loss of the Cinema will affect not just the adults in the local and adjacent communities, (eg Chiswick, Brackenbury, Barnes to name just a few of the communities who come to the cinema here) but it will also affect the children in the areas. Many children use the cinema not only on Saturday mornings but during the school holidays. It is also used by schools, young mothers and families. We have lost all of our cinemas in Hammersmith apart from the UGC and with this demolished it will leave the area void of a social amenity that caters for all ages.

There are major concerns about health issues as a result of the traffic and congestion that another store will generate. It is already on record that the Great West Road down to Hammersmith Broadway is one of the most highly polluted areas in Europe. The quality of the air is therefore already affected. There is no doubt that large juggernaut lorries and more traffic will be adding further to the traffic problem and the already high pollution.

And what of the noise pollution? Deliveries will take place day and night. Shoppers will arrive throughout the day and night.

What of the Environment and the wildlife? We get visits from many birds which nest in the vegetation. We have several trees which are over 100 years old.

Many of us have been resident in Cromwell Avenue for well over 30 years and have raised our families here. We are really very worried that a beautiful leafy residential Avenue is to be destroyed, our community is to be destroyed and we are to lose our homes for the sake of yet another Tesco store.
Hammersmith is well supplied with little shops which will all suffer as a direct result of Tesco's redevelopment scheme, not to mention the increased traffic and pollution that will be generated.

Many of the residents have invested time and money into their beautiful gardens. There are so many issues raised that it is more than a community issue. We are considering our Human Rights. Already many of us have begun to suffer stress faced with the loss of our homes. Our residents' ages range from under 3 years to well over 70 years. Some of our residents are blind or partially sighted and they are well integrated into the community.

We are extremely anxious that this sort of activity can be permitted to take place in our civilised world. We were known as a nation of small shopkeepers - now our small shops are being destroyed by just a few Multi Nationals who are voracious or should we say ferocious in their appetite for more selling space with a complete disregard for our local communities. If this development is allowed to go ahead as planned a really dangerous precedent could be created.

Which next little residential street or avenue is for the chop. Moving a community to live over a Tesco store is certainly not progress.

July 18, 2004

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