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What happened in Hammersmith in June 2003

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Bicycles as public transport
Pilot scheme for bike rental to start in Hammersmith.

Cycle parking for Burlington Danes School
"Fewer young people are cycling to school because they don't feel they have a safe place to leave their bikes", said Mayor.

Residents urge government to avoid the third runway
Brackenbury Residents Association is concerned about traffic congestion, noise from overflying aircraft and pollution.

3rd runway: what will speak louder?
Consultation is about to close with TUC's support. The trade union representing 7 million workers says that Heathrow should come first despite community being "unhappy".

Overnight home burglary rising
Police advice on home security.

Beware of bogus police
They are stealing mobile phones in Hammersmith.

Appeal for information on a shooting in Sundew Avenue

Tram: 1-0 to the active community
Residents complained of not being properly consulted. Now, Mayor extends consultation period and TfL promises to meet every single business in Uxbridge Road.


A 17th Century manuscript found in Hammersmith
The book will help research about life in South of Spain after the Christian Reconquest.


Five local schools win arts education award
"Arts have the power to transform lives", says Peter Hewitt, Chief Executive of Arts Council England.

A "revolution" in our schools
Introduction of language learning in local primary schools.

Local post-codes dominate the list of worst performers for first class mail

The day against that noisy neighbour
The responsibility for noise enforcement lies with local authorities, but people still complain to the police about neighbour noise.

Olympia Butchers is back in business
Sid Kassabian reaches an agreement with the Council over the rent increase.

Free compost bin to all residents
Council is offering a three-month trial of compost bins and subsided prices.
st peters church hammersmith

Support to raise St Peter's roof
The historic church, situated within St Peter's Square Conservation area, needs to raise funds for the roof's restoration.


Are we ready?
First hospitals, now the Police and there are plans to give to locals direct powers over schools, libraries, leisure centres... In the 1st of a series, HF Police Superintendent discusses the importance of citizen's involvement and their lack of interest.

Associations are the ideal way to empower residents, says BRA
There is no need for any more officials to carry out a government agenda.


Now or Never
Ken supports GM Free initiative but Council is slow to respond to public concerns.

Report makes grim reading for local rail users
South West still the least punctual whilst Silverlink's North London Line is the most crowded.

Business partners needed for the Summer Challenge

Local GP fails to diagnose illness; patient dies
One of a record 4,000 complaints against the NHS this year.

Play care charges up 156%
Fees will go from 11.50 to 29.50 pounds from September.

Grants for gardens, play areas or squares
Up to 100,000 pounds for community groups willing to improve open spaces in their neighbourhood.

Award for community projects
Up to 5,000 pounds to anti-social behaviour projects.

£21,000 for security in small shops
Money will pay for burglar alarms, better locks, CCTV cameras and also environmental improvements.

Big business
None other than George Soros is behind a business deal that includes serviced offices in the neighbourhood.

Artists at Home 30th Anniversary


Leave to Remain
The exhibition explores and represents an experience of being a refugee in the UK.


West London Green Festival

Party on the pier
At Chiswick Pier, Corney Reach Way.

Instrumental Extravaganza for Children

Summer evening with music and art @ St. Peter's

It's Visual Arts Season

The Comedy of Errors
At St. Peter's Square.

Farmer's Market
At Hammersmith Town Hall.

Madam Butterfly
At the Lyric.


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