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Tina Turner fanatic evicted for all night singalongs

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A woman has been evicted from her home in Riverside Gardens, W6 after keeping her neighbours awake by singing along to Tina Turner at top volume 24 hours a day.

Complaints about the noise levels began just days after the women moved in last August.

Her round the clock music sessions made it impossible for anyone living nearby to sleep and after months of letters and visits from housing officers and neighbourhood wardens Hammersmith and Fulham council finally showed her the door.

Inspectors visited the woman’s home after residents complained and warned her to turn down the volume, but to no avail.

In November last year environmental health officers witnessed the racket and slapped her with a Noise Abatement Notice.

Residents were at the end of their tethers after enduring months of sleepless nights, and in December last year the Council says it was left with no option but to officially warn her that if the noise continued it would apply to court to have her evicted.

Even after being given a final warning the late night partying continued so a housing officer successfully applied to court for possession. The council was finally able to take possession of the flat in June, restoring peace and quiet to the neighbourhood.

Councillor Greg Smith, Cabinet Member for Resident’s Services, says: " This woman had every opportunity to pipe down and give her neighbours some peace, but she refused to do so.

" Evicting someone is the last resort, but be under no illusions that if you insist on making life a misery for others we will take all necessary action. "

Riverside Gardens residents said the woman gave them sleepless nights and hurled racist abuse at people living nearby.

One resident, who asked not to be named, said:" The music would start at 8 or 9pm and go on all night until the morning. There was lots of banging too, she was clearly drinking a lot.

"People here work very hard, I know one person who had to get up early to start work and they were lucky if they got a couple of hours sleep. She was abusing everyone, making horrible racist comments.

" As soon as she went the noise just stopped, now everything is better. We cannot believe how quiet it is."

July 6, 2011

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