A big FCUK

French Connection wants to buy the Ark.

French Connection is on talks to buy one of Hammersmith's landmarks. The clothing retailer, which sells the designer labels FCUK and Nicole Farhi, is planning to put together six of its London sites in just one building, the Ark.

The Ark, a feature building designed by Ralph Erskine owned by the German investment fund DEKA, was once occupied by Seagram, but it has been empty for more than a year now.

It is said that French Connection is planning to place a banner on the Ark glass façade, so A4 drivers in both directions would be able to see a giant FCUK.

French Connection is an international retailing of fashion clothing and accessories. It is in business since 1972 and has outlets not only in the UK, but all over Europe, America and Asia.

It all depends of an agreement over the price. DEKA wants £60 million for the building. FCUK is trying to get a better deal.

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