HFFOE got it

A new pedestrian crossing to make Goldhawk Road less of a life-threatening lottery.

News from Hammersmith and Fulham Friends of the Earth:

"Feet First - Thanks to campaigning by Hammeramith and Fulham Friends of the Earth a new pedestrian crossing is about to make crossing the 4 lane highway that is Goldhawk Road - less of a life-threatening lottery. The new crossing will enable local residents to walk easily to Hammersmith - through Brackenbury HomeZone (You could even pop in to Buchanan's Organic Deli on the corner of Aldensley Road and Brackenbury Road for a nice coffee and cake), and for children going to Brackenbury school at last there is a safer route! Three children have previously been injured on Goldhawk Road, but with a new Puffin crossing, and hopefully more trees in the future - Goldhawk Road will be a safer, nicer and more relaxing place to shop, eat and walk along. If you know of other streets in the borough that are in need of a new or safer crossing - do get in touch with Alex Forrest or Chris Bainbridge at LBHF on 020 8753 3343."

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