Fulham Pools revise timetable

After denounces that access to residents have been restricted

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Fulham Pools restricting access to residents

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Fulham Pools is increasing its time for weekday lane swimming by 40 per cent in its programme - an improvement which is supported by most customers. The 2006 timetable recognises the growth of swimming as part of a personal fitness programme, while keeping the balance between different users of Fulham Pools.

Glen Heidke, swimming manager for Fulham Pools, is pleased with the growth of swimming as a way of keeping fit. He said: "Swimming is a great form of exercise that provides a whole body workout." By focusing lane swimming into the morning, lunchtime and evening periods Fulham Pools is able to devote between 4 and 6 lanes to the public for fitness swimming at peak times.

Fulham Pools will continue to provide space at all times of the day for those who want to have a relaxing swim or take their children to the pool but the new timetable avoids potential clashes with lane swimmers. Glen Heidke said: "It has always been our philosophy to never turn
swimmers away and the new timetable provides space for the public all of the time Fulham Pools is open." Support for school swimming, swimming lessons, clubs and classes will continue.

Cllr Melanie Smallman, cabinet member for education, said: "Our priority is to ensure local residents and families can use the pools fully and we hope the revised timetable meets the needs of as many people as possible. I am happy to discuss any concerns that people may have about these changes. The council is keen to promote swimming for sport and exercise as part of our work to boost sports participation in preparation for the 2012 Olympics. The more people who take part in sport, the more likely we are to find our future Olympic champions."

January 23, 2006