Local campaigners urge MP to keep Hammersmith GM free

Council confirms catering policy

HFFoE have received the following policy statement from Direct Catering Services about their GM Policy Statement:
"It is the policy of Direct Catering Services not to use Genetically Modified in ingredients in any of our products.
Direct Catering Services do not knowingly serve any foods that contain Genetically Modified ingredients.
We have informed our suppliers that we will not accept any ingredients know to have GM Material.
We have received confirmation from our suppliers that none of the items supplied to us knowingly contain GM additives or derivatives"
HFFoE have also had confirmation that Direct Services caters for:
Education Catering,
Hammersmith Town Hall (including functions),
Social Services and
Lunch Clubs

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On Saturday (30 October), Doris the scarecrow and local anti-GM campaigners called on local MPs to back new laws to keep Hammersmith and Fulham food Gm-Free. They encouraged people to sign “Scarecrow post cards” to send to local MPs challenging them to support tough new laws preventing GM contamination. One hundred and fifty local people signed the cards which just shows the strength of people's feelings on this subject. The launch was part of a national day of action involving around 50 local Friends of the Earth groups across the country and comes as the Government prepares to consult over GM crop “coexistence” with conventional crops . Doris the scarecrow will be continuing to fight to protect the crops and food, look out for her as you may see her in public places around the borough soon.

Whilst there are no GM crops currently being grown in the UK, the threat of GM planting remains. There are at least 10 applications to grow GM crops awaiting approval in Europe. If given the go ahead, farmers would be allowed to grow them in the UK. The Government has started looking at what practical measures will be needed to allow GM crops to be grown, such as separation distances. A public consultation is due to start imminently.

A recent NOP World poll showed that nearly two thirds of the UK public support tough new laws to prevent GM contamination of their food and farming. But the government looks set to design ‘coexistence’ measures to allow for widespread GM contamination of conventional crops and food. IN response, anti-GM scarecrows have left their allotments and fields and are taking to the streets to support local actions and events across the country to help protect local food and farming from GM contamination.

Hammersmith and Fulham Friends of the Earth campaigner Paula White said:
“Two-thirds of the UK public want tough new laws to protect their food and farming from GM contamination if GM crops are ever grown here. Unfortunately, the Government is planning to allow widespread GM pollution of our food crops. This is totally unacceptable. We are challenging local MPs to show us which side of the fence they are on and we hope they will do everything they can to prevent the Government threatening our right to choose GM free food”

November 7, 2004