Overnight home burglary rising

Overnight residential burglary where suspects are climbing into or leaning through insecure windows has begun to rise substantially. Probably due to the warm weather.

Occupiers with a front ground floor bay window should remove property within arms reach. Note that sash windows need sash bolts fitted into the casement frame allowing only about 4 inches opening.

"It is possible to secure wooden casements in the open position for purposes of ventilation, very necessary in hot weather, or child safety.
These are particularly appropriate in a ground floor bedroom situation where someone wishes to sleep with the window open.

Likewise they are well suited to upper floors where windows can be locked open, allowing ventilation but, at the same time, preventing children from opening the window beyond a safe aperture. Whilst it is recognised that this type of device is designed more for safety purposes
rather than security, it would be likely to alert the occupant if an attempt to force it was made. It is intended that these locks should be used only when someone is in residence. If your home is unoccupied the windows should be locked in the usual manner.


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