"Smarter Borough is simply rubbish"

Resident has to deal with illegal dump himself


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A Mustow Place resident has exposed a staggering level of bureaucracy "gone mad" and the Smarter Borough campaign as being “all spin” following an experience with fly-tipping on his road.

Several weeks ago, Mr Bush noticed a number of black bags dumped on Mustow Place – some of which were split revealing the origin of the rubbish to be a Barnes based business. Mr Bush reported the illegally dumped rubbish to the Council, who sent officials to “tag” the rubbish. After a week has elapsed the rubbish was still there, despite the regular refuse collection for the street having taken place.

Commenting, Mr Bush said: “The council identified the problem but did not deal with it. They spotted the bags and tied labels on to them as part of 'a no black bags on non-rubbish days' campaign, rather than doing the logical thing of removing them.

“A week later, because the bags were labelled the regular bin men wouldn’t take them. In the end I just had to deal with the problem myself. The Council’s ‘feel-good’ literature proclaiming a smarter borough is simply rubbish!”

During Mr Bush’s dialogue with the Council on this matter, he even suggested that the Leader of the Labour Council should have visited Mustow Place, stood next to the problem of his creation and had his photo taken as part of an "Honest Borough" initiative!

Mr Bush contacted Town Ward Councillors, Greg Hands and Antony Lillis about the issue. Greg Hands has said: “This incident demonstrates that Labour are unable to deliver in Hammersmith & Fulham, leaving taxpaying residents to literally do their dirty work.

“It is high time that Labour abandoned their bureaucratic and meaningless schemes and started to do what real people actually want – starting with cleaning up the streets.”


November 28, 2004