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Sebastian Fauls - A Week in December
Kings Mall Blog
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The bloggers at Hammersmith's Kings Mall have put together a list of the top summer books available in the mall at WH Smith's.

Here are their recommendations:

The Best in Paperback Fiction

1. A Week in December by Sebastian Faulks follows the lives of seven major characters in London across one week in late December, 2007. This is a multi-character led narrative that has audacious verve and daring. The novel pieces together the fragmented, complex lives of these people as their fates cross and their destinies intersect. Surprisingly funny, gripping and insightful. Another masterpiece by Faulks.

2. Blueeyedboy by Joanne Harris is the dark and intricately plotted story of a poisonously dysfunctional family, one of whom is a killer. This is a thriller that indicts the lies, deceptions, identities and mind games that we create for ourselves and play out through our lives on the internet.

3. 9th Judgement by the world's best-selling thriller writer, James Patterson, traces the steps of Detective Lindsey Boxer and her hunt for a psychopathic killer in San Francisco, who targets the innocent and vulnerable. This is solid thriller stuff, typical from its author, with the expected twists, turns and page turning jitters.

4. The Red Queen by Philippa Gregory is the current number one best seller. It is the second book in a trilogy called 'The Cousins War.' This Tudor-set mystery follow-up tells the tale of the recently widowed child-bride of Edmund Tudor and her journey to infiltrate the House of York in a bid to change the country from within.

5. Limitless by Alan Gynn, now a major motion picture starring Robert De Niro. Eddie Spinola discovers a pill that increases his brain activity by 100%, allowing him to tap into his deepest resources of creativity, intelligence and drive. But such power of thought comes at a very deadly price... This is a fantastic ride of a read. Unputdownable.

Children's books

1. Holes by Louis Sachar is a masterpiece of children's literature which follows the exploits of young Stanley Yelnats and his bizarre experiences at a juvenile detention facility where he and the other juvenile prisoners are forced to dig holes in the desert.

2. The Harry Potter Collection by J.K. Rowling needs no introduction. This global phenomenon in literature and film brought to us the wide-eyed wonder of magic, wizardry and friendship. If you or your kids have yet to experience the captivating universe of Hogwarts, start now. The books also come available in adult editions.

3. Diary of a Wimpy Kid by Jeff Kinney is a hilarious riot for kids. Social misfit, Greg Heffley, and his cooler sidekick, Rowley, find out that being popular can seriously test the bounds of friendship as they set off on a series of side-splitting comic adventures.



August 17, 2011

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