New powers for Council dealing with fly-tipping and litter


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Hammersmith and Fulham’s streets are set to be cleaner thanks to a Government move, supported by local Labour MP Iain Coleman. The New Environmental Bill will allow the council to remove abandoned cars from the streets immediately and new give powers to deal with fly-tipping, fly-posting and litter.

“The new Environmental Bill has set out a number of new measures to clean up our communities and get tough on those who litter and cause a nuisance for the rest of us”, said Iain Coleman MP. “I know people in Hammersmith and Fulham will welcome these new powers and will want to see them used locally. I will be working hard over the next few months to make sure that these measures are agreed sooner rather than later, so that the police, council and other local groups can get on with the job of making Hammersmith and Fulham a safer, cleaner and greener place to live.”

The new powers will include:

- New powers to remove abandoned cars from the streets immediately before they can become eyesores which attract criminal behaviour;
- New powers to gate nuisance alleyways that attract anti-social behaviour;
- New powers to deal with fly-tipping, fly-posting and litter;

- New measures to help local authorities deal with noise from burglar alarms and pubs.”

The Council’s Deputy for Environment Mike Cartwright said: “Improving the cleanliness and safety of our streets is the number one priority for me. I’m confident that with the support of our local MP we can make a real difference”.

February 6, 2005