No Tesco in King Street Say SRRA

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Sinclair Road Residents Association (SRRA) informed in its newsletter that Tesco is shelving plans to build a supermarket in King Street.

The original proposal involved the demolition of building around UCG cinema on Kind Street and the provision of some offices for the borough as well as a Tesco superstore and luxury apartments. The cinema site has been bought by property developer St. James's Investments and they were hoping to work in partnership with the Council which owns many of the adjacent properties including the existing Town Hall site.

SRRA says in the newsletter: "Congratulations to the activists of Ravenscourt Park, whose campaign to stop the creation of yet another Tesco superstore was crowned with success yesterday, when the supermarket giant announced it was shelving its plans - which would have resulted in razing to the ground the UGC cinema, a Quakers' Meeting House, a block of flats, a home for the visually impaired and other amenities."


November 21, 2004