Sacred Heart High School needs help with recycling programme

Business can donate empty cartridges and old mobile phones.

About Mobile Phone Recycling

1. In the next four years, Europe could recycle 50,000 tons of mobile phones - the same weight as the Forth Rail Bridge.

2. Many mobile batteries contain Cadmium, a dangerous toxic and carcinogenic substance. The quantity in landfill sites is significant and toxic contamination can be caused by the medium and long-term effects of Cadmium leaking into surrounding soil. Cadmium poisoning can cause kidney failure in humans.

About Cartridge Recycling

1. Printer Ink costs more than vintage champagne. However, if you purchase remanufactured printer cartridges you can pay as little as 10% of the printer ink price.

2. Printer cartridges take hundreds of years to biodegrade.

3. The 17 million laser cartridges recycled in Europe in 2002 resulted in the saving of 6 million litres of virgin oil which would fill three Olympic sized swimming pools and more.

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Sacred Heart High School has signed up to an exciting new recycling programme – and it wants businesses in the area to get on board.

The Recycool programme was launched late last year across the UK and Ireland to encourage schools to recycle mobile phones and used printer cartridges. Pupils from the school are hoping that local businesses will give their support by donating empty cartridges and old mobile phones to their appeal, instead of throwing them in the bin.

Rob Morton, Recycool Co-ordinator, said: “This is a fantastic programme. It helps boost funds whilst allowing the practice of core skills crucial to lifelong learning and future employment needs. There are many business benefits to taking part too – recycling will help companies boost their green credentials and meet their corporate social responsibility targets.”

Businesses or organisations can find out more about the benefits, and register as a supporter, by phoning 08451 30 20 50 and quoting the school’s unique ID number 813517

The programme is a new and improved version of the popular Sprints programme, also run by Eurosource, in which 3,500 schools and nurseries from across the UK and Ireland participated. Eurosource is five years old, has an annual turnover of almost £5million and employs 100 staff in the UK, Ireland, France and Spain. The
company has recycled over 5,000 tonnes of mobile phones and printer cartridges since 1999.

January 23, 2005