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June 2005

Date Event Time
06/06/05 Easy Rider 6.00pm
06/06/05 Nashville 7.55pm
07/06/05 The Yes Men 7.00pm
07/06/05 Mayor of the Sunset Strip 8.45pm
08/06/05 Don't Look Back 6.45pm
08/06/05 I Am Trying to Break Your Heart: A Film About Wilco 8.40pm
09/06/05 Like Water for Chocolate 6.30pm
09/06/05 Out on a Limb 8.45pm
10/06/05 War Takes 7.00pm
10/06/05 Maria Full of Grace 8.35pm
11/06/05 War Takes 7.00pm
11/06/05 Maria Full of Grace 8.35pm
12/06/05 Fusion '05 11.00am - 6.00pm
12/06/05 Manhattan 6.30pm
12/06/05 Melinda and Melinda 8.25pm
13/06/05 Manhattan 6.30pm
13/06/05 Melinda and Melinda 8.25pm
14/06/05 Raising Victor Vargas 6.45pm
14/06/05 Somersault 8.35pm
15/06/05 In this World 7.00pm
15/06/05 9 Songs 8.50pm
16/06/05 Mystic River 6.15pm
16/06/05 The Woodsman 8.55pm
17/06/05 Evagoras' Vow 6.45pm
17/06/05 Risotto 8.45pm
18/06/05 Lilly's Story 6.15pm
18/06/05 Save Me 8.45pm
19/06/05 Robots 11.00am
19/06/05 Let's Go for an Ouzo 2.30pm
19/06/05 Totally Married 4.15pm
19/06/05 The Way to the West 7.00pm
19/06/05 Delivery 8.35pm
20/06/05 Drunken Angel 5.30pm
20/06/05 Seven Samurai 7.30pm
21/06/05 The Women 6.20pm
21/06/05 Carnival in Flanders 8.55pm
22/06/05 Zero de Conduite 7.00pm
22/06/05 Les Choristes 8.05pm
23/06/05 Sweet and Lowdown 7.00pm
23/06/05 The Assassination of Richard Nixon 8.55pm
24/06/05 Reconstruction 7.00pm
24/06/05 Brothers 8.50pm
25/06/05 Reconstruction 7.00pm
25/06/05 Brothers 8.50pm
26/06/05 SpongeBob Square Pants Movie 11.00am
26/06/05 Bringing Up Baby 2.30pm
26/06/05 The Philadelphia Story 4.30pm
26/06/05 Sisters in Law 7.00pm
26/06/05 Storytelling: Panel Discussion 9.00pm
27/06/05 Y Tu Mama Tambien 6.45pm
27/06/05 Temporada de Patos 8.50pm
28/06/05 Taxi Driver 6.30pm
28/06/05 Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid 8.45pm
29/06/05 Good Morning, Night 6.45pm
29/06/05 Keys to the House 8.50pm
30/06/05 Before Sunrise 6.45pm
30/06/05 Before Sunset 8.45pm

Sunday 19 June 8.35pm Evening – Greece on Screen

Delivery (15)

(Nikos Panayotopoulos, Greece, 2004) 100m sub-titlesWith Thanos Samaras, Dimitris Imelos, Errikos Litsis  

In this award-winning film a pizza delivery boy, who comes out of nowhere and, in the end, soars off into nowhere, silently crosses to the other side of Athens, listening to the fragmented stories of dejected, angry and discarded people.  A sidelong look at the exiled reality of the modern megalopolis, where to dream is its one remaining right.

June 6, 2005