Final decision on Tesco due shortly

"We are minded to refuse the proposal", says Council leader

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Council leader, Cllr Andrew Slaughter, said: "We are minded to refuse the proposal from St James Investments for a new supermarket and offices next to Hammersmith Town Hall. This follows a presentation from MP, Iain Coleman, on behalf of local residents setting out the opposition of the local community."

Residents strongly oppose the proposed scheme, which comprises a store for Tesco, offices for the Council together with some affordable housing which will encompass the 3 blocks of flats in Cromwell Avenue, the Quakers' Meeting House, the Mansion block (Cromwell Mansions) fronting King Street, the 4 shops immediately below, the UGC Cinema, and car park at the rear.

Residents claim that ff the schemes goes ahead whole community destroyed with new access road from A4 directly into the Tesco site, more traffic and pollution, no cinema in Hammersmith, trees chopped down, gardens and wildlife destroyed and local small shops will suffer.

Cllr Andrew Slaughter said: "We are now awaiting a final report from council officers who have been appraising the proposals, due very shortly, enabling a formal decision to be taken through the established Council procedures."

September 19, 2004