£21,000 for security in small shops

Money will pay for burglar alarms, better locks, CCTV cameras and also environmental improvements.

Hammersmith and Fulham CCTV Scheme received from the Home Office £21,023 (2003-04) for helping local small shops improve security. The money from the Security for Small Retailers scheme will pay for improved security measures such as burglar alarms, better locks and CCTV. It will also pay for environmental improvements to make shopping parades look better and feel safer.

In total, £5.8 million will be invested nationally. More than 5,400 shops across the country are set to receive money from the Security for Small Retailers scheme. This year's funding has enabled us to extend the number of shops helped to more than 12,500 over the life of the scheme.

According to the Home Office, shops can be vital to the health of local communities and provide essential services. If they become vulnerable to crime they risk closing, putting the whole community on a downward spiral.

The Home Secretary, David Blunkett said:
"Strong communities are vital if we are to tackle crime and anti-social behaviour. Small shops have a central role to play in this - they create jobs, boost the local economy, provide essential facilities, spur regeneration and increase local civic pride.

"But when shopkeepers and local people feel unsafe or businesses are targeted by criminals business declines and shops close, starting what can often be the beginning of a downward spiral for a neighbourhood. There are few sites as depressing as rows of boarded up and vandalised shops.

"The money I am announcing today will help shop-owners and shoppers feel more secure and ensure local retailers stay at the heart of their communities for everyone's benefit."

The money is the 2003/04 allocation of the £15 million Security for Small Retailers scheme which is funded by the Treasury's Capital Modernisation Fund. This is the final year of the scheme, which covers England and Wales. Nearly 3,000 shops benefited from £2.8million in 2001/02.

Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnerships work with regional Home Office directors to identify priorities in the 10 per cent most deprived wards across England and Wales. London's allocation is of £908,542, divided as follows:

Gale Street Lighting, Barking and Dagenham 25,544
Brent Target Hardening Scheme 34,587
Camden Small Retailers Initiative 57,194
Retail Crime Reduction & Regeneration Project, Croydon 16,501
Ealing Small Retailers Project 16,501
Enfield Small Retailers in deprived areas 30,065
Greenwich Small Retailers 57,194
Hackney Target Hardening Scheme 114,000
Hammersmith and Fulham CCTV Scheme 21,023
Haringey Target Hardening Scheme 52,672
Islington Radio Scheme 66,236
Kensington & Chelsea Small Retailers Scheme 21,023
Lambeth Small Retailers Project 25,544
Shop Security Radio Scheme, Lewisham 30,065
Newham Small Retailers Scheme 115,971
Southwark Small Retailers 79,800
Tower Hamlets Shops Scheme 93,534
Waltham Forest Small Retailers Scheme 30,065
Westminster Small Retailer 03/04 21,023

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