Smart Sack recycling scheme now covers the whole borough

Residents will be receiving orange bags this month for collection on the 1st September.


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What can go in the orange bags?

Glass - bottles and jars of all colours

Plastic Ė all plastic drinks, milk and detergent bottles

Paper & card - newspapers, junk mail, magazines, cereal cartons (no plastic liners please) and other cardboard packaging

Metal - drinks cans, food tins and empty aerosols

What canít go in the orange bags?

No bottle caps or jar lids

NO BROKEN GLASS, pyrex or window glass

No foil

No "tetrapak" (eg. drink cartons)

No paint and chemical containers or batteries

No yoghurt pots or margarine containers

No yellow pages

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The council's new Smart Sack recycling collection is rolling out to cover the whole borough in September after a pilot in some areas in Hammersmith.

According to the council, the smart sack collection is currently picking up around 80 tonnes of recyclables per week in the start up area, far above the borough's previous recycling levels for the whole borough. With the addition of the borough's remaining 30,000 households these figures are set to improve further.

During August residents will be receiving recycling information and their supply of smart sacks (orange bags) in preparation for their first collections starting 1st September.

This new scheme replaces all other recycling collections currently operating in the borough (including the red box). It will not, however, cover apartment blocks or housing estates and the council is opening new estates based recycling services across the borough for residents in flats.

The advantages for residents include:

-No sorting - most forms of recycling can be put in the bag and it will be sorted after collection.

-No trips to the recycling bank - just put out your bag on your recycling day and we will collect.

-No recycling hanging around the house - With weekly collections there will be less need for storing bottles, tins and paper.

All the recycling collected will be sorted and sent on for reprocessing by the Western Riverside Waste Authority (WRWA).

For more details on the recycling scheme call the Smarter Borough Hotline: 020 8753 1100.