St George is back

New plans shown to K&C council and 'informal' contact with LBHF, SRRA has learnt

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Extracts from SRRA newsletter:

SRRA has learnt that St George has already shown modified plans to K&C council officers, and has been in 'informal' contact with LBHF as well. These plans (which have not been submitted as part of an application) apparently show a 'broken' terrace of 5-storey
dwellings, which would be located in the middle and southern parts of the site. The woodland area would be left 'untouched' - with that proviso that it would probably be 'landscaped' for the 'benefit' of the new residents.

This would leave two of the key issues mentioned in the Inspector's report and the ODPM's decision unresolved: the loss of privacy and other amenities to Sinclair Road residents; and the permanent loss of its car parking
facility for the Olympia, the consequences of which already are all but too keenly felt by local residents in terms of extra traffic congestion and parking stress. And that is also leaving aside ineradicable problems related
to safety, security, pressure on local services, etc., etc.

Meanwhile, LBHF has not ditched its plan to 'compulsory purchase' the whole site with the financial backing of ECOG. However, this is not the preferred option of the latter, who'd rather  resolve the matter 'commercially' - ie through a direct purchase from the site's owner.

Whatever the issue of the on-going battle, we can be already brace ourselves for a new submission from St. George in the not-too distant future.


September 19, 2004