St Peter's Pupils Bury Time Capsule in Grounds

Messages marking school building work could be read in 2099

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St Peter's Hammersmith pupils with time capsule

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Pupils at Hammersmith's St Peter's Primary have buried a time capsule with messages for children of the future to mark building work on the school.

Children from every year contributed messages – which they hope will be read in 2099.

As well as the children’s reflections on their lives, the time capsule contains a recent whole school photo, a copy of the deeds to the Victorian school built in 1849, a picture of the foundation stone to the school’s most recent building being laid in 1972, a school t-shirt and the school’s mission statement.

One child from each of the six year groups signed a letter to the pupils of the future explaining what the school is like now before helping bury the capsule.

Hole for St Peter's School Time Capsule

The hole in the ground ready for the capsule

Headteacher Jean Shipton says: " All the children had the opportunity to write letters and the ones that were most of the moment of 2015 were chosen.

" It’s exciting, it’s fun and for the children of the future it’s an unknown. There’s nothing like the excitement of digging something out of the ground.

" This development marks a new stage in the school’s history. This new build is a physical reminder that schools move on and grow and change but essentially they’re still children and still teachers and the needs are the same."

The time capsule was buried during the transformation of one of the school’s two Victorian buildings into a new hall and kitchen. The school’s governors have not decided what the future of the other will be but say it will remain in community use. The third block will be completely modernised, allowing the school to have all its classrooms in one building.

Time capsule buried by St Peter's Primary pupils

The contents of the time capsule


March 20, 2015