37 and 25 storey towers approved on Lots Road


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John Prescott has approved the storey towers on Lots Road. The development will consist of two towers, of 37 and 25 storeys, and a number of lower rise buildings. The development will straddle the border between Chelsea and Fulham, either side of Chelsea Creek, between Kings Road and the River Thames.

Local MP Greg Hands has reacted with dismay to the announcement this week that the Deputy Prime Minister, John Prescott, has overruled a recommendation from the Planning Inspector – and granted planning permission for the controversial Lots Road ‘twin towers’ development.

"There really is something wrong with the planning system when a project can be opposed by Residents Groups, MP's, Assembly Members and Councillors in two boroughs but then approved by the government. I deplore John Prescott's decision and assure you that as your local Assembly Member I will continue to oppose large scale residential developments when they are opposed by local residents."

Commenting, Greg Hands said: “Labour have a really poor record on this development. Firstly, the local Labour Council refused permission, but once re-elected in 2002 changed their minds and granted permission, even increasing the size of the tower from 25 to 37 storeys. Now, after a lengthy public enquiry – where we won by convincing the Planning Inspector that the development was unsuitable – John Prescott has decided to march ahead anyway!

“Local people will rightly feel let down by a Labour Council and a Labour Government that have refused to listen to them”

In addition, Councillor Frances Stainton has said: “It is galling that after all the hard work, put in by so many objectors to this development, in winning the Planning Inspectors agreement, the Deputy Prime Minister chose to override his decision. Labour have given a green light for a ‘tide of concrete’ to sweep into Fulham, which will bring horrendous problems to local infrastructure, most notably traffic levels and sheer overcrowding.”

London Assembly Member Angie Bray considered the towers totally inappropriate: "I am very disappointed to hear that John Prescott has approved the 37 and 25 storey towers on Lots Road. Whilst the development actually sits in Kensington and Chelsea it will also put intolerable pressure on local amenities in Hammersmith and Fulham as well. On aesthetic grounds alone, as stated by the Planning Inspector, these towers are totally inappropriate for this particular site and just as serious a problem is the massive increase in population in the area they will bring. We simply cannot We simply cannot cope with this influx of people, we do not have the roads, GP's and schools to cater for what might be as many as several thousand new residents."

February 5, 2006