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Parking schemes residents and business voted against are removed by the council.

Last summer Hammersmith and Council sent a survey to every resident and business in controlled parking zones Q and R, asking for their opinions on how the schemes were working. A majority of those surveyed (56%)
said they were not in favour of the experimental schemes.

In response to the wishes of the residents and businesses represented in the consultation, on 22 November 2005 the council's Traffic Management Advisory Panel recommended the following changes to parking in Zones Q and R:

* Revert back to the operation hours of Monday-Saturday 9am-5pm
* Remove all one-hour parking bays in Zones Q and R
* Remove all single yellow line restrictions after 5pm except on
borough principal roads which include are: New Kings Road, Fulham Road,
Wandsworth Bridge Road, Munster Road and Parsons Green Lane.

These changes will be implemented in Zone Q on Monday 13 February and
Zone R on Monday 27 February.

Councillor Michael Cartwright, Cabinet Member for Environment, said, "Parking is always a difficult issue in the borough, as we have limited space and many demands on that space. We also need to balance the needs of different people, including residents, businesses, visitors, and
football fans. With zones Q&R we felt that the best way to assess how effective they were was to ask the people who live and work in them. When the majority of those questioned told us they didn't want them we listened and now we are removing them. However, there are clearly still some issues with parking in this area and the council is committed to finding a more appropriate solution."

February 5, 2006